I shut off a lot of intuitive stuff when I was a child. No-one else wanted to talk about the mystical stuff I was experiencing so I thought I was weird, wrong and foolish. Eventually as an adult I learned Reiki and met increasingly more people who do want to have that kind of conversation. I’m now a Reiki Master and have a wee business doing holistic bodywork which I love. When I began Love or Above, it did my heart so much good, both because Christie Marie understands why we shut that bit off in order to fit in, which was healing in itself, and it really empowered the level to which I now trust my intuition, what I pick up on in people’s energies and hence my Reiki work is enhanced. The tools and perspectives I’ve learned are in my daily life and my life is better for them, I can’t recommend it highly enough to anyone seeking more clarity and faith in themselves. What’s wonderful now is that my 9 year-old daughter has started listening to the course when going to sleep at night. So she’s getting to learn the stuff I wish someone had talked to me about at her age – I hope she never loses the magic! Thank you Christie Marie and Mindvalley!!

Love & light,

~ Janet, United Kingdom

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