One day I was so frustrated with someone at home (I am from an extended family) that I just decided to google up to find a solution to how I can escape the daily bugging that I suffered often.

I really don’t remember what I wrote on the search engine but I landed up on a page of something to do with leveraging adversity. I printed the article they had published on “dealing with difficult people” and read it 2/3 times and then registered for the weekly e-newsletter. I did feel better after reading the article but I don’t know why my soul was not satisfied. I somehow felt guilty myself of blaming a family member for being responsible for my frustration.

So, I hit the back button on my laptop and I saw a word Consciousness Engineering. Wow, I had never heard of this word but and thought it would have to do with manipulating somebody’s conscience so that they don’t try to harm you next time…evil as it looked I tried to give it a chance. And to my amazement, I couldn’t believe what I saw on the page. Articles on personal growth that I since craved for. I loved the website and browsed it for an hour or so. The website had everything I wanted for my personal growth all in one place.

I just felt that I had received a gift from some higher self and my soul was really satisfied. And from there I reached this far and have loved Mindvalley since. Currently, I’m still reading chapter 8 of the Codex. Honestly, I have seen a vast improvement in my life and career (as a CA student).

Thank you, Vishen, for creating such an amazing platform for people like us who are absolutely frenzied about personal growth.

Thank you for everything.

~ Meera Chohan