I work as a pediatric nurse in an outpatients department specifically with children who have long term bowel issues, as well as doing other clinical work. I have a body that has been honed by the national health services of a few countries so it no longer works as it should and the doctors struggle to keep me pain free from the rheumatic conditions I have plus keep me out of Emergency Department when my heart tries playing a new tune.

Since Love or Above came into my life the pain I was feeling has been minimised. The docs have finally found a medication that is reducing the inflammation of the disease without using steroids, which in turn allows me to exercise without flare ups so I am slowly losing the weight I gained by taking the steroids – usually the first line medication for these diseases. I am therefore feeling more energy that I have in many long years. My heart continues to beat in rhythm so I haven’t required a jump start for some time.

However what I find the best and I really enjoy are the exciting things that happen when using the “Ball of Light” exercise. Let me tell you about the first week.

On the first day (a Tuesday) I tried it. I asked for fun, acknowledgment plus cooperation from the children when I was measuring them. This can be tricky at times as often the children freak out on seeing the weighing room. Many of our children have autism or ADHD so brain overload is easily triggered for many by just being asked to remove their shoes and stand on the weighing machine. That day we had no tears or tantrums. (Cooperation) My colleague who shares this task was so amazed she commented on it. I told her about L&A.

A 3 year old child handed me a bit of jigsaw puzzle and pointed to the board – clearly an indication to join her in play. (My fun time)

A parent who was in to see the surgical specialist brought in a huge tray of muffins to share in the department as a “Thank You” for helping get her son into a good place. He was born with a bowel and bladder malformation that needed surgery if he was to have any form of normality in that area. (Acknowledgement)

I didn’t work the next day but recharged my batteries by having a bored housewife day – my house was sparkling by the end – Listening to OmHarmonics and various healing programmes, having fluid breaks whilst talking to our animals, watching the wild rabbits and birds who feed around our paddocks plus enjoying the sunshine.

The following day (Thursday) I was determined to catch up with my personal caseload and see if I could discharge any children from my care.
I wished for no phone calls (I receive several every hour of my day and a message is left if I fail to pick up which has to be replied to.) peace and focus to let me do my own work.
I had 4 phone calls the entire day, which were all from parents I had left messages for the previous week asking for contact so I could assess their child. (No phone calls)
None of my colleagues came into my office the entire day – again with 40 colleagues in the building it’s rare not to be disturbed. (Peace)
I was able to concentrate on my caseload, made contact with 18 parents and was able to discharge 14 children that day who are now fully continent. (Focus)

Friday was Cardiac Clinic. We move up to the adult area of the hospital for this clinic so it can be stressful for the children and their families. That morning I asked for calm in the department cooperation from the children in the testing, acknowledgement that we are doing things correctly plus fun.

Well, our first child was a ten year old boy with a syndrome that causes him to suddenly burst into foul language as he’s talking. He gets very anxious about everything.
I did as I always do – introduced my colleague and I – tell him what we need to do before he sees the cardiologist and ask him if that’s OK.
He said it was along with his many expletives. I could see his Mum cringing out the corner of my eye. Anyway to cut a long story short he was terrific and all the testing went very smoothly. We sent him back to the waiting room with his parents and he thanked us as he left.
The cardiologist knocked on our door and asked for his Mum as she had disappeared. Dad and son were there but no Mum. A few seconds later she came flying up the corridor and thrust a brown paper bag into my hands and said it was morning tea for my colleague and I. I explained this is not necessary – we were doing the job we are paid to do and tried to return them to her. She was adamant we had them so I thanked her and let her know we be sharing them with our team. (It was delicious giant passionfruit and cream cheese muffins) She said “You have no idea what a different day I can now have as my son was totally relaxed throughout his testing because you hadn’t batted an eyelid over his behaviours. So many nurses don’t tolerate it.” (Calmness, Cooperation from the child and acknowledgment that we got something correct.)

One of our colleagues who works for the national heart charity arrived from the main centre, a journey of many miles and she had all sorts of goodies, like colouring pencils and books to use them in; Bottles of bubbles and wands as well as stickers to share with the families. She sat with the families in the waiting room and the children played amongst the adult patients waiting to see different clinicians and they encouraged the adults to join in. My colleague and I got to play too. (Calmness & Fun)

That is just the tale of one week. There have been many, many more just as exciting in their own ways.

We have had the hard times as well. We fought the builder of our new house through the court for compensation for a leaky roof that the insurance company insisted was completely rebuilt. It was partly successful. Hubby has changed jobs again so his hours are longer than before so we don’t see as much of each other as we would like. I find on the extra stressful work days I am ready for bed as soon as I walk into our home. However somehow doing the meditations and forgiveness makes those days easier to deal with.

The one thing I nearly always forget to ask for is financial abundance. I do want this. My husband and I traveled independently from the UK, (I’m a mad Scot, he’s a Manx man) with only our jobs to sustain us. We met in New Zealand several years later and have gradually built our life together. He had an accident that resulted in him having to give up his job not long after we married. However he has since returned to work although in a different business altogether.
Nurses are never paid well for the work they do or the knowledge they require to do it. I just keep remembering why I do it.
We have to clear our mortgage although we have no other debt. I’m already working towards retirement but hope I can get some financial abundance to be able to see my children and other family members who all live on the other side of the world more often than I now do.
Couple of times that I’ve remembered to ask I had a quote reduced when the final bill came in and on another occasion hubby got a bonus in his pay packet. So it does work when you bother to use it.

I look forward to continuing to use Love & Above and some of the other programmes given by Mindvalley.

~ Shirley Jackson

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