Customer Support Team at Mindvalley is the happiest 🙂 Guess why?
We read this LOVE notes from YOU every day! Thank you!
Love Week 2015 - AIA_4738- by Paulius Staniunas
I LOVE your company and the positive feel they have. When I read the title of the person who responded to me as a “Happiness Specialist” I just smiled!! I have 30 years in the corporate world and I am burnt out and exhausted from it!! The pay is tremendous but the moale at work is so low. If my corporate life felt like Mindvalley, it would be the perfect job!!! Maybe Vishen needs to give a presentation at My work!!! Keep making people happy!!!”
“Mindvalley is a great company , supportive, extremely helpful... you make problems disappear without any hassle. I am loving my MVA library!  I live in Japan , but a prompt email response makes me feel as if you are just next door! Thank you!”
“It is a wonderful experience. it motivates or inspired the people and provide lots of internal happiness.”
“Any comments.. I’d say, I’m quite speechless. I’ve never met such altruism and dedication before in my whole life. So did I WOW you a little bit, Mindvalley 😉 ? Do me a favour: enjoy your inner light. Would you do that for me – for anyone out there?”
“I LOVE YOU Mindvalley ;)”

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