Holly Stafford, artist from Washington, US, shared with us her beautiful story about her journey with our program Unlimited Abundance. Thank you for inspiration and light that you shared with us, Holly!  Life is a work of art and you are creating a real masterpiece!

Hello Mind Valley and Christie Marie Sheldon!

I am an artist living in the Pacific Northwest and am on a dream chasing journey! : ) I recently purchased the Unlimited Abundance program and  I absolutely LOVE IT! Thank you thank you thank you for creating this and expanding my energy and understanding! Even though I have studied success and manifesting my entire life, I had no idea that these intuitions I have followed in my life were real things and not just something I created in my own mind. (Example: manifesting the coolest pair of winter boots as a young child or sending love light to family and friends to help healing or surrounding ambulances with white light when I see them on the road.) It’s been an incredible confirmation of what I’ve always felt very strongly in my life: Love is always the answer. 

I’m an illustrator, painter and graphic artist, so obviously I have a very visual mind. : ) I also grew up in Alaska so I’m strongly influenced by extraordinary nature the beautiful experience of connection. As I’m going through these sessions, my mind is just flooded with a ton of cool, amazing paintings, doodles and images! These creations would have never appeared if it hadn’t been for this series because I totally believe in the co-creation of my authentic expression and use it often with clients for design processes or commission work. Thank you thank you!! So, I thought it might be fun to capture some of these creative processes and doodles and paintings in a blog format for others to share. I am so very grateful for these energy clearing sessions and thought you might like to see what is appearing in my mind and through my brushes. (From day one as a very young artist, I’ve always channeled love into my work and have asked that when viewed, the
love light shines out brightly to affect the viewer. : ) It is my gift and why I am here.

I’ve attached an image that pushed its way to the forefront right before I found your program. It’s called “Find Your Light”. : ) Totally appropriate!!

Thank you times a million kazillion for your amazing program!! I am so grateful!!

PS: After I ran into the Unlimited Abundance program with Christie! Divine timing! In a little over two weeks, I have already manifested:

– a fabulous art show 2 months early with retail and art class possibilities unlimited!
– over $500 in new sales!
– asked to do new commission artwork!
– was called out of the blue to teach an art class with unlimited possibilities!
– approached for logo design project from engineer firm!
– have new retail location for work!
– $100 on lotto ticket!
– saved $180 in monthly bills!
And more! My husband has noticed a huge shift in my energy and is excited watching us walk into unlimited abundance!! 

Sending huge amounts of love and light,

Holly Stafford


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