Christie Marie Sheldon’s course, Love or Above, teaches you to raise your vibrational level — and improve your life.

Christie’s powerful method has seen a lot of change occur in our customers’ lives, in all different shapes and sizes. We received a lovely message from one of our customers, Doris, who wanted to tell us exactly how Christie and Love or Above had changed her life.

Doris wrote:

“My goal for using Love Or Above was to help put my life on the right track. I was going through rough time and still with my husband, [and] I needed to find out what I wanted in my life to move on. Thinking I still wanted to be with him cause he was my happiness, I was giving up on everything I wanted for him. I put that on back burner and now it’s all about me, I want happiness and to feel the love I deserve wanting to achieve some goals in my life never had the chance to do it before.

“So I started opening the doors, and yes, it’s hard not knowing which way to go or what to focus on not knowing my next move so calling on angels with guide lines, helping on [the] right path or [to enlighten the] right paths, [then] Christie was there to guild with energy, so started that and life was changing all around me for the better. [I] had spiritual healing done, [it] removed lots of blockages from [my] childhood [that I] had to forgive to bless and let go.

“Am I block free? No, there is still some that I’m dealing with, so I keep up with MindValley reading and seeing what they offer. [I] feel if I can put the knowledge to use in my life so I can get to the path I need to take, making sure I don’t go down the wrong one again, [three] times was enough. So Love And Above has help changing my life and aspects of my life to the better. Wanted to say thanks from the bottom and deepest of my heart love you guys. Thanks.

“I think they are great and hope they keep reaching out to people like me that felt like there was no one out there that cared enough to help.”

~Doris from Richmond, VA

Thank you for your beautiful words, Doris!

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