We’ve received so many messages about Evercoach’s program, The Limitless Coach—and for good reason.

If you have your own coaching business, or you’d like to, The Limitless Coach will give you everything you need. The amazing thing about coaches is that they truly want to help better the world and others around them—and this is a resource to help them do that.

We recently receives this beautiful note from Mary, whom Evercoach has helped to get closer to her dreams. Mary wrote to us:

“I have been helping friends and the word has spread to friends of friends so I guess it’s time to really get this ball rolling. I am mostly interested in helping children in the third world country I am currently living in to become better students and human beings all because of my experiences and that of my children in school. There is something missing and I really want to help open that gate to teach children that there is more to life than what they were led to believe. Even if I can make their own world just a little brighter, happier, healthier in so many ways.

“The school system here in Belize needs so much help and I would love to be a part of it to help them grow. I can also help new entrepreneurs since I, myself have started and run several successful businesses. I can also help those in sports since I too was a winner when I was younger and still feel that drive and knowledge that helped my win in the ring. I thank you for the first step to defining my dream and to help make it clearer. That is the base to a good business knowing what you can do and how you plan on doing it step by step. Thank you.”

~ Mary Murray

What a beautiful message for us to receive! Thank you for taking the time to write to us, Mary 🙂

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