Lifebook is the most comprehensive, organized, eloquent presentation I have ever experienced.

In my lifetime I have read many books on the subject of personal development, listened to audio formats, attended seminars and extracted a great lesson from each experience.

Lifebook is different; subjects are presented in a simple way and yet the teachings are profound in every aspect. Each lesson falls into place like pieces of a puzzle and slowly the big picture begins to emerge; then you begin to awaken from the habitual mundane living trap. In my case.

I experienced a financial change that took me from earning $80,000 annually to making over $1,000,000 and then after 10 years I was back where I started and wondering what the heck went wrong. Well, I can say with certainty that now I know what went wrong; so simple and yet elusive; I have stopped doing and working in the areas of my life that lead me to financial abundance while expecting the same results (Einstein definition of insanity). It brought back to me a more clear perspective and laser focus on the things that are important in my life.

Lifebook will change anyone’s life if they follow the principles for life and adjust their true North throughout the years.

Not taking anything away from all the 12 categories; I have placed a tremendous emphasis in my Health and Fitness, my Spiritual life and my Intellectual life. I am working in all the categories but these 3 categories I have found is where my purpose lives. Furthermore, my second Lifebook assessment test was double the Life Quotient of the first test which I think is quite remarkable.

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United States