After that assessment, at the outset of the 30-day course, I wanted to raise my score in all categories. For Health and Fitness, which was only above average, I wanted to raise the level to excellent. By the end of the course, I had succeeded.

Several of the previously excellent categories moved to extraordinary, and the above average rank to excellent. Surprise, the changes were not that hard to make once I was clear about what I wanted and why. I also am not an entrepreneur who wishes to make the A-list of entrepreneurs (or even the B-list). I simply wished to get out of my own way to experience more joy in my (already serene and joyful) life. As a result of Lifebook, I am more clear and focused on my personal growth. I can keep tweaking.

Lifebook is a method that quickly and efficiently enabled me to assess my situation and understand obscure reasons for certain blocks to my progress. Then I could move forward with actions to address the concerns I had.

I really liked Jon’s approach. It helped me to face up to it that I create any excellence, fulfillment, and abundance in my life by taking my power and controlling my choices. Then, if I consistently apply time and effort to the refinements I want to make stuff happens. It has to! Because of the 30-day challenge I now track certain things that I want to maintain but tended to slough off on, daily. I monitor four of the categories weekly and record what I have done in each. From November 1st I will spend three months living in Tokyo to study Ikebana (Japanese floral arranging). That is now my primary focus. Since my categories’ scores are high, and the Tokyo trip fits into my life goals, I can relax and sort of coast on success for now.

That said, I will continue to be mindful of any slippage and address it by making my next choices better. Thank you