The Lifebook 30-day challenge instigated tectonic shifts in my thinking. Jon and Missy are the positive life mentors I’ve searched for all my life.

The course was meted out inconsistent, bite-sized pieces; however, I found myself putting much more time into the course than was suggested. Though only 15-20 minutes long, the videos provided a rich opportunity to dive deep.

On occasion, I required more than a day to clarify my vision for a particular category, and in one case the videos served as a catalyst to dig out unconsciously held material and I grieved my current reality for over 2 weeks before I was ready to move on. As a result, my vision for my life has never been clearer, and my commitment to myself has never been stronger.

Importantly, Lifebook helped illuminate those places where I’ve been afraid to commit to myself, and so where necessary I’ve made a commitment to the process of committing to myself.

Major life reorganization is underway: big decisions have been made and the process is unfolding. I know what I need to do and I have a plan in every area to do it. It’s been a wild, inspiring, and at times deeply painful journey that has brought me hope and renewal, and a loving kick in the pants to step more fully into what my soul and Spirit have held in store for me.

Best of all, Lifebook is just beginning– it is a way of life! Deepest gratitude to Jon, Missy, for helping me fulfill my life’s purpose!

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