Zentrepreneur is designed as a private mastermind that connects together entrepreneurs with ambitious dreams and businesses that are looking to make a powerful impact on humanity while creating strong bond and friendship between its members. Here is one of the Zentrepreneurs stories from Monique who joined Zentrepreneur tribe only a month ago.
Ajit, this is my first month in Zentrepreneur and I feel like I’ve already up-leveled my business 50 times. I got tired of everyone in my old community sounding like carbon copies of other “gurus” and wanted to find a space where people weren’t just learning scripts but strategies that actually work and are transferable to ANY other business you choose. 
I love Zentrepreneur because the trainings are SOLID. Everything is actionable, not something you have to save for when your business does xyz. You can do it now and it works! By applying the Multiplier Method I’ve been able to build a business that complements my existing one and I got 3 new clients 6 weeks before the company launches the service.
Monique Welch
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