With Jeffrey Allen’s energy healing course, Duality, you can mend your relationships — and heal all areas of your life.

We’ve received a lot of messages about Jeffrey’s course — and no wonder why! He has a unique ability to connect with a huge range of individuals, and heal their underlying life problems. Today, we’re highlighting a message we received from D.E., who had felt a renewed sense of confidence after using Duality:

Working with Jeff has been the fastest track I’ve found to the freedoms I long for. I have worked with Jeff weekly for two years.  It has been the longest, most useful, effective and enjoyable “healing” relationship I’ve ever had. Although we have never met face-to-face, he knows me better than probably any other person ever will.  I find this fact amusing and also something to be deeply grateful for.

My MO has been to clear as much as I can with my own tools, and take “stuck spots” to our sessions — with fabulous results. His insights, ingenuity, light-hearted can-do attitude, and access to Divine assistance constantly amaze me. He has the rare ability to hold absolute compassion and respect for the really hard things he sees without being pulled down by it, nor adding to it with unhealthy, non-useful stuff of his own. His approach is so “clean,” light and easy. We have laughed over really terrible things while clearing my past – and all the while I was very clear he did realize how hard an experience had been. It’s a great lesson to be able to be amused and light about heavy times.

Working with Jeff I feel empowered and capable — that things are easy and possible for me to create, change or have. Whether on an occasional or regular basis, I highly recommend Jeff’s services as a means to achieving your personal goals.

~ D.E. – Radiologist

Thank you, D.E.!

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