I have been struggling with depression for a long time. I have a wonderful husband and two amazing little girls, but depression and anxiety used to rule my life. I’ve gone to psychiatrists, psychologists, etc. and was having a hard time.
One day my sister came back from a Mindvalley course she had gone to and showed me a video about Vishen and his company. I was amazed by it, but I told her with tears in my eyes:
– Everyone tells you to follow your dream, but what if I have trouble wanting to stay alive, what dream am I going to pursue?
I wanted to get better for my kids and my husband and was looking forward to knowing what to do if to work or be a stay at home mom, but neither made me feel ok.
I saw all the programs at Mindvalley and didn’t know which one to take because I didn’t know what I wanted to achieve… I started with the Unlimited Abundance course and started to feel better, I am more at peace with myself and have less anxiety, I am not depressed anymore. I started to declutter my life and to love myself, I feel I can be a better mother to my children because I am not angry all the time as I used to be.I downloaded the program to my iPod and whenever I feel down or stressed I put the program start to listen to it, and it always helps me to hear Christie’s voice and her meditations…

I am also taking Zenward and other Mindvalley classes that have helped me. But I always return to Cristy’s love and abundance once I a while.


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