I have been a student of Deborah’s Kings for about one year now, and I have taken about a dozen of her trainings, as well as listening and calling in on her weekly radio and Facebook shows. Deborah is indeed a Master and provides a lot of solidly good old fashioned advice, as well as great learning opportunities on Source and my soul as I have continued to evolve my meditation practice. Deborah teaches complex, ethereal concepts in a manner that I believe almost anyone can learn.

Learning her Mantra based meditation method in addition to the Sutra training I just finished has taken my meditation practice to a most profound level. I tried many different methods before trying hers. Her method instantly “clicked in” for me.

I always intend to meditate for about 20 minutes in the morning. I am now generally meditating from 25-30 minutes (not intentionally, it just happens), with at least 15-20 minutes of that time being spent in the place Deborah says we will go. It feels a little like napping or daydreaming, but not exactly (better). It is always refreshing. I find myself doing the same thing now when I am trying to repeat the Sutras in my head.

Last Fall when I called into Deborah’s radio show she told me I was very depressed and dark, and I needed to get outside every day in the sun to connect with Mother Gaia. I really didn’t realize I was depressed, nor how serious it had become until Deborah put a name to it. I took her advice, and even though I was also very ill, I started working on a small area in my back yard every day in the sunshine and even in the rain sometimes (even when it was very cold). What I began with was a side yard that had become a dumping ground for us, with a lot of old worn out lawn chairs and such.

Through a very slow process (and heavy lifting help from my son-in-law), I cleared the area. Then I started planting different types of flowers, a few trees, herbs, and vegetables; many of my seeds I bought at the Dollar Tree or Walmart.

The end result has been absolutely amazing! I have a spectacular Serenity Garden with a bench, a small waterfall, a beautiful stone pathway, and a variety of beautiful flowers (as well as some yummy tomatoes, watermelons, and herbs). Every day, since she told me I was depressed I have been in my garden for at least a few minutes, I meditate there every morning, I weed, I water, I fertilize and now I am harvesting from my wonderful Serenity Garden. I am visited every day by bees, dragonflies, butterflies, finches, doves, sparrows and occasionally even a hummingbird.

The elementals are there to help and guide me. It is now a most sacred place for me; to “Earth”, to “Ground” and to commune with Mother Gaia as well as Source. I spoke with Deborah on the last day of our Sutra class and asked her how I was doing, and what she felt my next steps should be? She told me I was surrounded by light and was even a great candidate to join her exclusive senior training group. She helps so many people every day I honestly don’t think she realized I was the ill, depressed person she had spoken to 10 months before.

Wow! To go from being extremely ill, depressed and full of darkness to being someone surrounded by light, who is still ill (but much happier and lighter) has been an amazing journey. I can’t wait to see what happens next. I wake up every day now, glad to be alive and looking forward to my day. I have worked with other healers along the way, even 2 other Masters, but I give absolute credit to Deborah for recognizing my problem and providing such simple, yet profound advice for me on how to heal the depression.

Love & Light

Retta Michelli