It’s late at night on Saturday and I just finished reading (for the first time) your eye-opening book ‘The Code of the Extraordinary Mind’.

Thank you so much and please, please, please do write, weave and conjure another 5 books! I mean seriously, this book reminded me of the larger than life, blissful feeling I had when I first discovered self-help books by Napolean hill.

Over 18 months ago I came across your [Vishen’s] talk ‘Happiness is the new productivity‘ and truth be told, while I was very curious about the title, I meant to only check out the first 4 minutes, thinking it was just another talk with a nice title. That was until I realized I was only done with it 50 minutes later..and I watched it again immediately. Suddenly, I realized that happiness focused success has been so undermined and often ridiculed in most societies that we live miserable, often unfulfilled lives…I do not want that for myself or anyone else if I can help it! One of my favorite talks is ‘Do schools kill creativity? By Sir Ken Robinson and your talk, that day hit home with me just as much.

Even though I’ve followed a lot of the ideas and hacks you talk about through Mindvalley’s videos (love the 3 most important questions, totally mind blowing), the culmination of your insights and knowledge was amazing to read during the last two days (got the book only four days ago, finished it just now in two) and I absolutely love the personal experiences you share about how you discovered “Brules”, your hallucinating tale in the amazon, the first time you felt special to a hot babe and especially the ones where you talk about the importance of gratitude and forgiveness. I would also love to read more about your personal experiences with the silva mind control method and your ideas about homeschooling (or “hackschooling”) the next generation, in your future books.

Definitely, the difficulties you have overcome is remarkable and how you relate the lessons you learned from, it is truly appreciated, as it is “Unfuckwithable” people like you who jump headfirst into the dark tunnels and light up a path for people like myself to follow.

Back in 2009, there was a Hindi movie called ‘The 3 idiots’ which is a satire on the educational system and everything wrong with it. The gist of it was ‘Strive for excellence and success will follow your pants down’ (it happens both literally and figuratively in said the movie). That day at the cinema, the day I discovered Napoleon hill’s two decades of his life’s work, the time I read the 4- hour workweek, the day I clicked on your [Vishen] talk and just a while ago as I finished ‘ The code of the extraordinary mind’; I feel and see visions of the day when we create the reality we all deserve to learn, love and experience life to the fullest in.

Thank you and I eagerly look forward to your [Vishen] next chapter.

~ Aasim Refai