It has helped me so much with my chronic pain that I have started getting off of my heavy pain meds that I have been on for 16 years. I just got off my fentanyl patch which I was on for 15 years which is such a HUGE step and now I’m going to start lowering and get off the pills.

My doctor was shocked at the difference. I’m also a figure skater and it’s helped me so much with my skating. I can’t wait to see the difference the next time I compete. I’m so much more focused and in the moment now. It has given me an extra 4 hours a day since I need less sleep and is more efficient. I also run my own business which before always seemed so overwhelming trying to handle everything but now I take it all in stride and with the extra hours in the day I know I will be able to handle everything and I just take it as it comes.
A couple weeks I got I got really sick so I did the extra meditation that day like she said and by that night I was completely better. I can’t say enough good things about this it has changed my life so much and I know I will just continue to see more and more benefits. I had been doing mediation off and on for years and tried so many different kinds but not anything like this, nothing else can compare!
Thank you so much, my life is forever changed!

Best wishes,

Kristine Carlson