Vicci, your story is TRULY inspirational!! Honestly, you have touched my heart. All I can say is WOW!!!

Hi everyone!

The purpose of this email is to share with you a wonderful personal visualisation that has manifested way and above my original visualisation. I was online watching Lisa’s Wisdom & Wealth Training last night. At the end when Lisa took us through the visualisation, I was crying my eyes out with such a wonderful feeling of freedom, gratitude and love.

I would like to share my ‘weight loss’ vision board with you as I still shock myself when I look at the past pictures. The pictures for me really cement and evidence the power of visualisation. I am currently creating a new vision board around money, wealth and business, and I am very excited!

I have attached photographs:

1. The first photograph is the body I used to live in.

2. The second photograph is my VISION BOARD picture. I created this using a photograph of me, and I took my head and I put it on someone elses body. So it is my head on the body of the singer, PINK.

3. The third picture is me now. What I have achieved. And it all started with my vision board of me and Pink 🙂

After thousands of pound;’s and thousands of hours invested in personal development, personal growth, coaching and training by the very very best, of course including Lisa and Vishen, I am very passionate about paying my gratitude forward and living out my purpose of enabling empowerment to others through my new coaching business that I have recently set up, and coaching those who are struggling with their weight to release the chains of the self imposed mental prison, paving the way to release the weight forever. So that they too, can live the life they are supposed too live in the body they are supposed to have.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this email, I do hope it has been inspiring. I look forward to seeing you soon at one of your events!

Have a most wonderful Day,

Vicci Phillips (UK)




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