She simplified all the techniques of how to work with our minds to succeed so much – that it took the struggle out of my life. I started doing what I hate first (from my todo list) and that really made me feel like a winner. Over time, I actually enjoy getting things like paperwork and unpleasant phone calls out of the way first! The way I talk to myself has completely changed. I am now the most positive person I know and everything in my life is so much easier.

I started sharing small nuggets like replacing ‘I am nervous’ with ‘I am excited’ with my coworkers and everyone loves it! After two decades as a software developer, I got the courage to take the leap and become a life coach and hypnotherapist.

Previously, I’d have talked myself out of traveling to Barcelona for Marisa event on June 24, 25 from India or think myself to not be good enough to hang out with such awesome people. It’s because of ‘making the unfamiliar familiar’ and ‘improving my dialog with my mind’ that I could attend the event. I know I’m well on my way to ‘master’ the mind. Marisa is such a down to earth, gracious and loving teacher as well – she so genuinely cares for all the people she teaches. I’m truly grateful to Marisa for the gifts they have given the world including Uncompromised Life .