Not sure you’ll even get this message so this is a long shot, but I teach a high school class and decided for these last 4 weeks of school we are going to read your book [The Code of Extraordinary Mind] and go through the exercises.

Yep, I bought them all copies. (to be fair, I only have 6 students and my department paid for them, so…) Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for writing the book. I found it very powerful and thought-provoking and think it will be great for my juniors to push themselves to think differently about the world. And? I wanted to thank you for the online resources you have provided for the book as well.

Such great content! I will definitely be using the online stuff in the class. If you, by some miracle, have any time in the next 4 weeks, it would be amazing to have the class talk to you. But I know that’s probably not very realistic. Just thought I’d check, though.

Love what you’re doing with education, btw. I think we desperately need to change education (I’m in the US) and keep dreaming of starting up a very different type of school. Someday…

Have a great day, Vishen, and keep fighting the fight.

Colleen Erickson