Originally from the UK, I became single in 1996 after 31 years of marriage, so I decided to set up home in Canada again after many years traveling and working globally. At this point in time, I asked myself about LIFE.

What is it? Who steers it? What part does the Universe play? Is there a God? Are there Aliens? Who am I? I read everything I could find on these subjects and also attended lectures and conferences with my lifelong Canadian friend Joan and eventually became a Reiki healer and led a very spiritual existence.

In 2000 I went to the Mid-East to teach English and met and married an American (HAWAIIAN) who was also into a spiritual living, having been brought up naturally that way.

Sadly, Joan is no longer with us, and over time, my husband and I became disconnected from our spiritual beliefs and only began to think about it again upon our retirement. At 71, I know that Meditation, Energy Healing and Mind Body connections have a place in the rest of my life and now want to learn as much as I can about these programs. I think Energy Medicine has been the most enlightening study so far.


Margaret Faux-Hosea