I came to The M Word from a slightly different place in that I already know how to meditate. I learned about five years ago and had incorporated it very successfully into my daily life until two years ago when a series of life-changing family experiences (including the death of my Dad) threw all of my routines out of the window.

I kept promising myself that I would get back into meditating as I know that doing so makes me a nicer, calmer person, but I found it difficult to find the time to fit it in again.

I decided to take The M Word course as I liked the way that Emily came across in the preview video and I wondered whether using her techniques would make it easier for me to start my meditation practice again. To be honest, I found that although a lot of what was in The M Word was familiar to me because of my previous Indian-based meditation learning and initially I wasn’t sure that I would learn anything new, but what I really liked was the way that Emily has integrated these practices into modern Western life.

Her sense of humor and her passion for meditation come across very clearly in the training videos and I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to them. It has been a relief to hear her talk about the issues that we all face and know that meditating is not an “either/or” subject requiring us to drop out of “normal” life but instead is something that we can use to help us to deal with these everyday issues. It’s been easy for me to meditate every morning using The M Word technique and whether it’s because I already have a “base” of meditation or not, I have found that the well-being benefits have come back to me very quickly.

It is not a chore to get up a little earlier to meditate and I know that I am going to face in a much calmer state of mind. In fact, I think this course should be essential for every Mum with a school run to do!

Christine Perry