Firstly I was happy to see that in most areas I had actually been doing well. The main ones being health and fitness and parenting.

What Lifebook did for me was to open my eyes on the subject of relationships and it also helped me clear up my ideas with regards to quality of life.

I now have clear goals on what type of life I want and I have already started to take steps towards it.

As far as relationships go, I have been in a very turbulent and frustrating relationship for the past 4 years. Lifebook helped me to see that I deserve to have an excellent relationship and that I don’t want to settle for a mediocre relationship. I had 2 choices, break the relationship completely or take steps to make it an excellent relationship. I am in the process of trying to make the relationship excellent.

Either way, I have a piece of mind now knowing that if it doesn’t work, I will break off the relationship. There are no more gray areas, and I am at peace with that.

Furthermore, I have also started working on my finances and wealth creation as well as taking care of my health (doctor’s checkups). I eat really well and exercise a lot, so that area doesn’t need more attention, but yearly health checkups are worthwhile.

To make sure that I am on track in these areas I keep a journal with 4 categories: Health, Finances, Relationships and Quality of life. Every day I make sure that I work on one or more of these categories in order to keep me on track to my own personal excellent life.