While an expensive investment, after the 90 days I received more than anticipated. That doesn’t happen very often these days. Not only did I lose 20 lbs but found myself off my high blood pressure meds, mood elevated. Because of these results, I now have changed completely the way I view what, when and why I eat – a complete lifestyle change and have lost an additional 10 lbs.

As far as positive changes in my life – well – the 90 days after the end of the Wildfit challenge is my testing period. There are portions I felt important to keep – hydration, alkalizer and listening to the “voices” and
checking in on how I feel before, during and after eating something that Eric has suggested, may not be in the best interest of my body and increasing activity. So far, I have maintained the weight loss after 60
days off the program and am looking forward to losing another 20 lbs as suggested by my doctor.

In this day and age of empty promises at an expense, Wildfit delivered, at least for me, more than I expected. The difference in mood, outlook on life, the energy level is unexpected benefits. My goal was to get off meds with doctor approval and that has been accomplished, but it has also changed my life in other positive ways.

Pat Fletcher,