Unlocking Transcendence program has helped me to reach my awareness of consciousness even deeper. I’ve been doing a lot of different meditations for several years, also traveled out of my body, but this is different.

To explore these meditation tools from the course has been amazing – to really explore the depth within and the traveling without, the connection to it All. It’s funny because I did wonderfully in all areas, had a great time, smiling my
inner smile – “I stayed amused” – easily, but when it came to the emotional part – Stop!!
It hit me hard and was the most grateful part of working on, to resolve.
I feel wonderfully light, and the other layers to peel off I will now do with curiosity. And the beauty is .. I can do it anytime! Just go back to the video I need in the moment. Perfect!

I finally dared to take that step, to step out of my “spiritual closet”, to connect with light workers out there, carry this light further.

I will intuitively, gratefully follow my inner voice, my heart in conjunction with the Divine. As I call it.
Blissful Blessings,