The M Word is very accessible to beginners and an asset for longstanding meditators. I personally have been meditating for over 30 years with different approaches.

Although at first, I felt we kept doing the same thing with M Word, I can truly and deeply appreciate how important it was for me to take the baby steps, to integrate them and how nicely it affects my meditation practice. I have learned a lot, and mostly for me, it has made Meditation SIMPLE, leaving the challenge out, leaving more space for accepting WHAT IS, and also bringing different concepts together – again simplicity.

I LOVE how “Awakening to the 5 senses” helps me BE and FEEL CENTERED, and the M Word part awakens a feeling of ONENESS and WHOLENESS as well as a smile, most days. However being Canadian the money exchange made it more pricey than I had expected, which means it is not so accessible to all. I loved, and love all the steps of the program, I am certainly committed.

Thank you, Emily, from the bottom of my heart.

Hoping my humble words can inspire others on their path.

Love and gratitude,

Arlette Sauvé