Donna and David are excellent teachers and presenters. They make the learning of energy accessible for all levels…whether you are a healing professional or just someone who wants to learn techniques to help themselves and family. Energy is everywhere and is everything. It only makes sense to learn about and Donna is the master teacher. Loved this course

I had not heard of Donna Eden before last year. My introduction to energy medicine was through the World Tapping Summit put on by Nick and Jessica Ortner. I listened to Donna’s interview and it literally changed my life. I was dealing with chronic pain and had started various healing modalities … mainly physio and various stretching techniques.

When I heard Donna talk of meridians and energy pathways and using the Daily Energy Routine to talk to my body in a language that it understood, it all started to make sense. Now I practice some form of energy medicine every day. My chronic pain has abated considerably to the point where I have much more good days than bad. And when I do experience pain I have many energy tools to try ease it away.

It was great to see Donna and David “live” as I had only studied her books up to this point. Seeing and listening to her in person clarified many of the exercises. The Mindvalley course did a great job in this regard.

I love Donna’s work. I love her enthusiasm and pure joy that she emits to all that come in contact with her….even online the energy comes through.

Again, excellent course. Excellent instructors. Excellent results.

Janice Andrews