We are happy and proud to share with you this beautiful poem by our amazing customer Dawn Wood. Poetry is the music of the soul, listen to Dawn’s melody and get inspired to be your own light, keep you heart strong, sing your own song!


I am really  enjoying the Flowdreaming and I figured the best way to show you how much was to send you one of the poems I have written after listening to the program!

I looked for pure love in my mind
But I found here pure love can’t exist
I searched for forgiveness in there
Something else that my mind would resist

I looked in my heart and found fear
There was guilt and self loathing there too
How could have I held these in here
That’s a space where my love must be true

The mix up was so undefined
Old suitcases left in my heart
Then I went through a search of my mind
Swept it clean and begin a new start

I carefully studied each part
Separated the things that feel
Gently placed love in my heart
For here is a place love is real

The guilt, the self loathing and fear
If I could would have tossed in the sea
Just for now I must keep these things here
While I flow dream to set them all free

Now where can the fear do no harm
And where can my guilt not be used
A heart full of fear beats too strong
And the guilt placed in here is abused

I silently worked through each tangle
Unravelled the knots in my heart
Dissected this from every angle
Ripped all this false learning apart

The things that are thoughts I set free
Like the clouds drifting off in the sky
they are just in my mind and can’t hurt me
If I never prefix them with “my”

Once all the cleaning was done
I expected to find empty space
With misplaced unwanted’s all gone
A self loving had nested in place

I healed up my wounds with forgiveness
A good dose of gratitude too
The love in my heart pure and endless
Overflows as I gift it to you

Keep on spreading the magic

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