Hey there. This is Kritisha Panda from Kolkata, India.I stumbled across Mindvalley the very last year and since then Mindvalley has become an addiction . This very year on my 17th birthday my dad gifted this amazing DUALITY course to me which I was asking for since the last year.

To be honest, in 15years of my school life trust me not a single teacher taught us what Jeffery showed to us. That there is a completely different world called the ‘energy world’ out there which was hidden from us was revealed. I have no words to thank Mindvalley and Jeffery for their amazing teachings. Results? I’ll share one by one as there are many .

So while doing the course I realized that I’m a visual person and clairvoyant too and I’m lucky I discovered that smiles. Grounding has always worked for me especially when I go for exams or interviews I’m able to remain grounded and don’t feel nervous which results in a very good output (my results of course!).

The most important one my spine injury which was there in my lower back since the last 4years was healed and it was a surprise for us. I have become more peaceful and lively since I graduated from the course. The tools especially the neutrality gauge and visualizing graphs has worked for me and it always works actually .

I don’t know what to not write there are so so many amazing experiences and insights. My spirit guides are very friendly I realized and Jeffery sir really taught us how to communicate with your guides.

My favorites are the 7th and the 8th chapter which opened me up to new dimensions. I’m more open to love and abundance. Thanks a million times Mindvalley and Jeffery sir for this beautiful gift to mankind.

Buckets full of love for everyone 

Kriya Isabella