I cannot be more satisfied with WildFit than what I am. It has produced a profound and lasting effect on my relationship with food (what and why I eat), which has led to a significant improvement in my health, overall physical condition, and energy levels.

I can honestly say that I have never felt healthier and more self-confident. The way in which the WildFit Challenge progresses, which includes fun and sound information and outstanding support from Eric and his coaching team, was instrumental in helping me sail through the challenge with a sense of joy and confidence about defying old patterns. Ultimately, to achieve the great results I got, not only improved my health and appearance but also produced an unexpected and welcomed boost in self-confidence.

I am also happy to report that my wife, which was really skeptical at the beginning, based on my results ended up joining the WildFit Challenge on her own. I am very happy for that, as it will not only benefit her but also it will help to start making more conscious decisions about food choices for our children. Finally, A BIG THANK YOU and congratulations to Eric and his team.

You are truly serving humanity in the best possible way. Also, a big thank you to Vishen, for enlightening up the world with his vision and passion to helping us all become better human beings.

Kind regards,

Juan Somavia,