I love Christie Marie Sheldon. I love her energy and I do her morning and evening meditations almost every day. I have manifested not only material things but also great relationships and developed a charisma that allows me to bring light to other people.

I am always learning new things for personal growth and to help others.

I took the Unlimited Abundance course and one thing that really impacted me was to realize that no matter how hard you work towards a goal, you may be sabotaging yourself with subconscious blockages or counter beliefs. It was an eye-opening moment that made me understand and recognize some of my own blockages, just by listening to what I say.

After taking some of the classes, I manifested things that I thought were very hard to get at the moment. For example, after moving from Spain back to the United States, I believed that it would be very difficult to go back to Spain to visit. I ended up spending the next two summers there and I have already booked a ticket for this coming summer. Things just started arranging themselves in a way to make that possible.

I have also manifested more clients and new opportunities to grow. I continue to use the program and I am so ready to conquer much more.

The thing that I love the most is that when I am connected with the love of all things, I attract positive things into my life and to others around me.

I love it!! Thank you, Christie!


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