Christie Marie Sheldon motivates me with her so easy to follow practical advice and inspires me to make good and better choices instead of sinking into negative thought patterns such as being critical and feeling sorry for myself. Her influence on me has helped me to ask more questions about the circumstances in my life, learn from them and listen for answers, which help me to trust more in life itself.

As a person who has a hard time making decisions, I love trying to feel what a yes, maybe and no is, as she teaches in the course. I now give myself more time to decide things and really try to feel what my body is telling me. For me a yes feels like my heart is filled with joy and enthusiasm. So far, doing this has helped me to choose more wisely and I’ve experienced good results.

I have learned to make choosing words like love, peace and joy a part of my life. Once when my boyfriend and I had had an argument and the atmosphere was really bad, I decided to repeat such positive words silently to raise my energy level. The effect surprised me because shortly afterwards my boyfriend, who was nearby spoke to me in a kind and loving way. This was an amazing experience because I then realised that I was not only calming myself but influencing another person.

Realising that I can influence my own energy and those around me is helping me to focus on that which benefits myself and others. I used to really pity sad people, who passed me on the street, but now I feel more empowered because I know that when I send them love and light I’m giving them something valuable for their life.

I’m so happy that this course has been helping me to change negative thinking patterns such as self-criticism and judgment into a more confident and loving attitude toward myself, others and life in general.

~ Mary, Germany

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