No more being woken up in the middle of the night by dread regarding the future. Now, when I wake up, it often feels like Christmas morning, knowing that I am going to put me first, again. I have literally fallen in love with myself as a result of doing this Quest. I already refer people to this Quest.

Over a month later, the biggest thing I’m noticing is that when I am thrown from my schedule, or I experience depression or I wake up feeling lost and defeated, because of my work in completing Robin Sharma’s Hero. Legend. Quest, I am quick to notice what is going on, remembering that I do not have to identify with the fearful thoughts and feelings that I’m having at the moment.
That is very valuable to me because prior to doing this Quest when I would wake up or find myself overcome with fear, I would usually fall into identifying with those lousy thoughts and feelings – like I’m just a bad person.

Now I can feel bad and have bad thoughts and easily be able to notice those for what they are, remembering that they’re not me. When I take an action or have a conversation that puts me squarely back into my power. I am simply in a different state of being perpetual.

Something new since completing Robin Sharma’s Quest, is me taking action on things that scare me – return phone calls or correspondence or challenging/intimidating/distasteful tasks to handle – where I used to be stopped I now take action and move toward these fearful things, leaving me feeling empowered and being quicker to remember who I am, thus returning me to my power. It’s actually very cool. It’s like watching myself and going, “Wow! So this is who I really am!”

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