A big thank you has your name on it! I found your book, The Code of the Extraordinary Mind at quite possibly the lowest point in my adult life and it saved me … 

My husband and I had been running a small chain of counselling offices for the last 17 years. We had devoted ourselves to providing mental health therapy to traumatised youth and their families. We were happy, we felt fulfilled by our mission and we were successful and well regarded in the communities we served. However, tragically, my husband was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of cancer 5 years ago.

Needless to say, I was shattered to lose my partner in everything. On top of that, I was left to run our business by myself. Intense grief magnified by intense stress made me want to give up at times. Yet I was repeatedly amazed by how challenges and problems seemed to evaporate one after another as the weeks turned into months. I couldn’t understand the phenomenon until I found and read your book.Since completing your course on becoming limitless, I have a renewed passion for my mission and renewed hope for my personal life as well.

I love how you think of us humans as “godicles.” I’ve adopted that belief as well and it brings me comfort that my husband remains with me in this journey.

You’ve created something truly beautiful and I’m so grateful!


~ Jennifer Schulz-John

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