We received this in our customer support mailbox from Cathy Coombe.  Your message made our day Cathy. Thank you!


I owe this company an apology. When I first came upon Mind Valley I was new to the teachings in quantum energy work. Although I’ve been involved in growth work for many, many years I felt drawn to energy work and also felt a bit skeptical because it was all on-line. It reminded me of how I felt in 1996 when I experienced a huge shift in consciousness through the study of A Course in Miracles.

It has been many months now that I’ve been involved in this work and have gained such an appreciation for the work of Vishen Lakhiani and Mind Valley.

The first exposure I had was through Christie Marie Sheldon and Love or Above. I loved her work. Then I ordered the Silva Method which I also enjoy.

I sent a note of disappointment in technical difficulties regarding access and had some fear develop in the area of trust because of unfamiliarity with the field of work and the potential power I knew existed. I felt somewhat vulnerable considering this was very personal and involved allowing those I don’t know access to my energy.

As I did my work with Christie Marie and Silva Systems I also continued studying Mind Valley and couldn’t help but feel excited for what I saw and felt developing.

I am so excited for the quality and gallantry of Mind Valley becoming a leader in the new world of business practices. It gives me great delight to better understand what we have to look forward to in the business world.

I commend Vishen and his team’s efforts. Please pass this message on to him and the rest of your staff. I truly wish you all the best. May the force be with you!