Whilst prior to engaging The Genius program with Robin I chose changes and specifically ‘Success’ for 2017. I type it multiple times a day to integrate my focus. I also step through collages that I have made, I place them like a mat on my floor and walk into them many times a day. The pictures are of what I seek and they are the first and the last image I see each day.

The Genius program has supported me along this focus offering me new strategies and inspirations to strengthen my commitment to my changes which include packing up and selling my home, changing location, new work, a new relationship and I am so grateful for all the variety the daily lessons have offered. I’m outdoors more, moving more, I’ve changed shape and I’m healthier and all these changes support me energetically and mentally to help me get to where I want to go. I’m seeking the changes for my fabulous life. I can hear Robin saying – ‘it’s hard at first, messy in the middle and beautiful at the end’. and there are moments when recalling this is most helpful  It’ great to be able to listen and see the daily lessons as its help with the recall to a variety of senses – visual, auditory and certainly emotion as Robin expresses with great enthusiasm.

Life is to be experienced. I’ve kept up my 66 days traveling between countries, at airports in Starbucks, on the highway in both Australia and Hawaii.
With gratitude and thanks,