Our 2015 Webinar with Christie Marie Sheldon broke an 11 year record here at Mindvalley. We had 80,000 people sign up for the webinar and 25,000 people were live AT THE SAME time from 80+ countries experiencing Christie’s words of wisdom and her transformative energy clearing meditation session. Virginia shared with us her experience with the program.

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My goal was to get to rid of my money blocks. I did a lot of training and my life is amazing, seriously! But money is something I still can’t figure out quite yet.
So far the program has helped me with getting more productive in project that will make me money. I also found myself getting a lot of deals and enjoying promotions and ease regarding my transactions. Which I am really grateful for. I also use the technique to clear some other stuff like my fear (and hate!) for a sport which worked well so far, and also for traveling and some opportunity such as finding a place to live on our budget.  I still have some clearing to do and I will continue to practice being in the light all the time. I just need to open mysel to ease and joy a little more! Why do we believe it’s so hard?!
I feel Marie’s energy and I feel the work being done. I’ve done transformational breathing and it was really intense the sensations I got in my body from intense breathing (1h session), I was told it was negative patterns or fears leaving my body. Si I was really surprised to find myself having the same sensations during clearing sessions. 


If you’d like to learn more about advanced tools for clearing abundance blocks, check out Christie’s course Unlimited Abundance HERE