Do you know whats stops you from living abundantly? Start to clear your energy and be open for life changing experiences with Unlimited Abundance like Deborah.

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When the UA program came into my awareness it was clearly support to my becoming the person that has accomplished this payoff, so I jumped right in.  I’m using it for this purpose & also to increase health, for teaching & performance success & fulfillment (I’m a classical pianist), & for general improvement of my quality of life.

Life changes:
• Living in the higher vibrations is a prime value for me, & I find it even easier to do this since beginning the UA program.
• I was gifted passes to the Biltmore Estate
• I was gifted a leather sofa & easy chair
• A life coach has gifted me w/ coaching for support as I organize & present an event – this is not my genius work, btw!
• 2 days ago, feeling I had no clue, I asked an associate to brainstorm w/ me about people who might be connections related to this same event. Within an hour I learned of 2 people!
(And I’ve barely started the program!)

While I was already doing energy clearing work, the UA clearings are lighter & feel easier. I’m using the Love&Above meditations morning & night & the principles throughout the day. Feels like I have a new angel-friend close by all the time!



If you’d like to learn more about advanced tools for clearing abundance blocks, check out Christie’s course Unlimited Abundance HERE