I would love to help in any way that I can so that it can help others. I think that this is a very important program in that with all the confusion there is about nutrition, the human diet, cycles of proper nutrition, and how the body really works, this particular program really gets to the core of what is nutritionally sound.

Everything that Eric says makes logical sense. Eric is onto something that is intuitively correct, at least to me. I like very much that it goes beyond a Paleo approach and incorporates cycles of food, why certain foods are not really meant for us, how that ties to how our bodies interpret what we bring in, and what it means to our fundamental “operating system” as humans who need a “human” uncorrupted diet.

I also like that the Paleo system of clean eating compliments Eric’s lessons by providing a healthy way of eating that can be adapted to the Wildfit principles. There are so many resources and options out there to assist people interested in improving their overall health by getting rid of the garbage that passes for “food” these days but even many of these “healthy” options are not optimal for the human body.

The psychological aspect of the program and easing into dietary changes also elevates the program to something better than a temporary “diet” or regime. It’s a fundamental shift. For me, I signed up because even though I was eating organic food and “healthfully” I thought, I was not really educated enough on the core principles that I learned from Eric to know how my body interpreted and reacted to my diet. I was very confused with so many mixed messages about what a healthful diet is. Eric brought clarity to me. I’m still working at incorporating all of the lessons but I know that I will get there.

Please let me know how I can be helpful and I will do my best to assist. I would hope that people referred through Mindvalley to Wildift would have some sort of added benefit, cost or otherwise, that would inspire them to take on the program through Mindvalley instead of directly through Wildfit. That would open the door to take on other programs through Mindvalley. I love all of the Mindvalley programs. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to take them all.

I know so many people that would like to learn more about how to eat properly and have a healthy lifestyle. Every day people ask me about what I did. The challenge is that not everyone can afford a $ 1,000 or $ 1,500 program. Worth every penny, but how do you bring the cost down so it is more accessible?

I love Eric and his team. I am sort of the silent person in the background on the calls and on the secret Facebook group because that’s just me. However, I have really enjoyed all of the great people in the program. It’s a great community with an amazing heart. I joined the original program from September to December on Vishen’s recommendation, and really appreciate the Wildfit Reunion that Eric so generously provided. I am enrolled in that now.

All the best to Vishen and the team at Mindvalley. Thank you for the great work that you do. Please forgive ramblings or typos but it’s late and I am really tired.

All the best,

Isabel Cosio Carballo, MPA,