MYLO, it is an ongoing process as I believe Jon and Missy want to be clear about yourself, what you want in every part of your life.

Not anyone Telling, but yourself. What clarity does is making the manifestation easier. In certain parts, I sort of saw my inner resistance about things, asking myself; why do I want this but has left it on the fence? My biggest change in action is, that I’m actually writing that book I’ve been talking about 🙂 I’ve set a deadline, so now I’m writing every day!

I know myself the importance of dedication, finding your passion and going for it! I have been a successful actress (in Sweden) for 30 years, so I feel blessed but as you said “giving back” is essential in life. Like a so-called celebrity here, I try to carry on my own thoughts about living the life you want, about motivation and intentions.
So basically everyone should take the MYLO- course, or check out Mindvalley, and I do say that to people!