It is almost too difficult to put into a few words the impact of Wildfit on my health and life in general. The program and platform, that Eric Edmeades has put together, is phenomenal across the board. It was not only the excellent videos and the supportive Facebook community, but Eric¹s passion and compassion on the numerous coaching video calls that combined to make it an easy program to adopt, at least for me.

I was so impressed with how his Zoom video calls were handled, and his extra or spontaneous calls were a regular treat. It is great to be part of a wonderful Wildfit community, the support and to share what I think have been incredible stories of success.

I signed up for Wildfit as a present to myself for my 64th birthday. And although it was a stretch financially, it has been far more than worth it. In May 2016, I was in a car accident and exercise became fundamentally out of the question (except for light walking).

Over the ensuing months, my weight ballooned to 257 lbs. – an all time high. As I sometimes kidded, I was a Whopper Meal (whopper, onion rings, and pop) from 260. I considered going back on Isagenix, which worked for a while a couple of years ago, but the on-going cost was an issue. Not to mention it did not result in a permanent change. So, after considerable research, I made the commitment to Wildfit figuring I had 30 days to evaluate it. Needless to say, the initial results were solid, the program made sense, and I completed the 90 days challenge.

The results have been stunning. I released 30 lbs. (was down to 227 on December 16th) and by maintaining a Wildfit approach to my life and eating, I have continued to release weight ­ now down to 220. As importantly, my doctor was very impressed with my blood work.

My Glucose Fasting had dropped from 6.8 mmol/L (increasing risk of type 2 diabetes) to 5.8 (almost normal range). My Cholesterol dropped from 5.33 mmol/L (considered intermediate risk) to 5.05 (acceptable range), the bad LDL Cholesterol dropped from 3.71mmol/L to 3.46 (again almost acceptable) and the good HDL Cholesterol improved for the first time ever from 0.91 to 0.93 mmol/L.

The only downside is that I need to buy new belts and pants ­ my old 44-inch belt has no more holes to go down and my pants are baggy. Can fit 38 inch waist for the first time in 30+ years.

Is Wildfit a great program? ­ABSOLUTELY. The videos and coaching platform are incredible, as is Eric’s passion for creating a food revolution. Wildfit Forever.

Willie C,