The Energy Medicine Seminar has been such a rewarding experience in many ways, and I am so thankful that Mindvalley showcased Donna and David´s work and to share their knowledge.

I have been a massage therapist for 22 years, and do energy work on my clients regularly. I had Donna’s book, and would dabble in her style….but it was not until I saw her (up close and personal) explaining the techniques during the program that I truly fell in love with her, and the work.

She has such a beautiful pink innocence about her, and I love how David compliments her energy. What a great combination. Now, every one of my clients that come for bodywork gets energy tested. Everyone loves the experience, and they get to take it home and try it on their family. It is a new tool in our medicine kit. I just hope you have another series (Part 2) with Donna and David.

Thank you,

PS. I am gonna miss not seeing them on a weekly basis.

Cynthia Wells