After graduating from Medical school in France, I was left with a feeling of not having found the answer to the fundamental question that made me undertake these studies … My deep question was “What is Life “? Of course, intellectually the information I received and the training were fulfilling and wonderful, but, it was all about what was wrong in the body or mind… nothing ever mentioned about spirit and nothing about that
Vibration, that unifying field that I perceived as a child whilst living in Africa…. All Life seemed to swell and dwell in what I felt as a magical garden…

Well to say the least my studies and my work grounded me into the realities of Human strife and societal constructions…and I was more than happy to have a reply to help wherever I could. However it was not enough, and I came across a training whilst on a tiny Island in the Indian Ocean (Mauritius) where there was a training for Doctors in Acupuncture as part of a United Nations program on traditional medicine … At last, I found the essence and words that described what I had sensed and witnessed as a child… I was delighted, BUT, once again it was orientated towards pathology ….. after all, it was for Doctors !!!

I was deeply missing the playful force of Life that sprinkles our knowledge with a wink of delight, love and a scent of true wisdom… Yes, I began to realize that I was a little unusual…

Anyway, I was blessed in my practice to be able to join East and West in joyful consultancies over the years!

However, I feel now at the age of 59 having had to change my whole Life around last year, that I am only just beginning to abide my real adventure !! Whilst working and bringing up the children my Heart was in a constant yearn for something else… I was aware of it but did not seem to be able to face it.Then, one day, I felt I could no longer take a step in the direction I was going… I just could not and I heard a little voice within
saying “it is Love or nothing !”

From that day I decided that everything I would do I would try from Love…This meant that whenever I was in difficulty I would just let go and think: “If Love were to guide me … where would it go, what would it say….” I just let it loose on me.”

I was overjoyed when I actually fell upon Mindvalley and Christie Marie Sheldon‘s wonderful Love or Above Program which allowed me to gain confidence and strength in expressing the reality of Love! I shared with whoever I felt was open to it…

Now with Donna Eden‘s gift, this is truly Wholistic, as one feels a beautiful unifying field between her and David and her daughters. She glows and radiates the knowledge, and David grounds the facts! I found everything delightful and shared it with my sister who is just discovering energy medicine. There is so much here ….. Tanya brings in grace and beauty with such loving simplicity. This is a training I go back to with joy, playing with the meridians and following their flow all around the body makes energy perception like a child’s game ! just have fun and play with it, you will learn and experience it …. that is what Life is about…

I needed this as my husband, a grand skeptic of my views on Life actually was impressed and curious to learn more !!! Oh gosh! forever grateful am I for that, as a conversation, is beginning between us on that level, just when I had given up! We do the daily work out together every morning and smile deeply! 😉

I love the “togetherness” feeling and know that it has enhanced my relationship with my Mother-in-law who has come to live with us … I come away with deep gratitude and the impression of having bathed in a Transparent, bubbly and pure water source !! 😉


Marie-Paule Fanchette