For anyone wishing to start meditation, the M Word Technique is one of the most accessible and user-friendly methods. Not only that, it’s modern rather than monastic. I have meditated for many years, but never established a daily practice. I’ve not heard any other meditation teachers distinguish between a monastic practice and a modern approach.

In addition, Emily’s teaching style is loving and gentle. For those who are nervous and always fussing about whether they are doing it right, she offers reassurance and opportunities for Q&A. I also appreciate the updates on the neurosciences which underpin the process. The layperson doesn’t always get access to and sometimes can’t understand the latest research.

I now have a daily practice. I’m surprised at how easy it is to get up (it helps to be a morning person) and make meditation part of my routine before my morning coffee.

Thank you, Emily, for everything that I have gained from your brilliant & loving teaching.

Lynda Philippsen