Although I have not completed the course, Duality has greatly empowered me and instilled a sense of confidence in me that many other programs have not. For example, when I encounter a toxic environment (whether I am consciously aware of it or not), I remember the lesson of the permission rose. I immediately set up my permission rose to allow people to feel whatever they wish outside of MY area, then I do a “dual-grounding” and fill my aura with light and positivity. In less than 7 seconds, I feel better, not drained or moody for no logical reason. And of course, I also feel extremely happy that I am able to be myself instead of absorbing other people’s negativity and reacting to it. Every time I set up a permission rose, I always think of Jeffrey Allen and I feel grateful for his program.

Jeffrey Allen’s way of explaining energy concepts is simple and at the same time insightful. His notes were of great help. Duality is not the only program I have purchased from Mindvalley, however, Duality is the only program that has shifted my energy enough to almost finish it (finishing projects is one of the issues I am working on). Mindvalley has other programs that I love, but I can safely say that Duality has been a great CORE program for me. It is an absolute necessity for every person that wants to grow as a human/spirit being.

Light and blessings,

~ Tatiana S.

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