I have been involved with natural healing for years. I am a Master Herbalist, a graduate of the Christopher School of Natural Healing. I also am a certified aromatherapist. I have taught herbology for a long time, feeling that whole herbs, which are whole foods, can feed the healthy energy in your body. I am a lifetime student and have experienced one of Donna’s Classes previously so when I saw this was available through Mindvalley my heart sang because I think herbology and Energy Medicine are so complimentary.

I will speak about the teachers, Donna and David and their team. They are so gracious, loving, and kind. Bless their hearts for trying to give us decades of knowledge in such a short span of time (8 weeks) and doing so in a way that is just so much fun. I watch the classes over and over and I take copious notes because of the Donna and David, joyfully give and give and give to us students so much of value.

One thing that has become a part of my day is the Daily Energy Routine. What a gift. I feel more powerful with each daily experience of completion of the routine. I also love learning the meridian routine. I am in the process of creating my own meridian flow chart so it is large enough for me to hang up and follow at my own pace.

Three years ago I had quite a severe knee injury. I was given a shot of cortisone for pain and the doctor said I would have to wait for the healing to take place. Well, let me tell you, I went right out and bought a magnet the day after that information was taught and between using the magnet and “chasing the pain”, my knee is feeling better each day. And that is after 3 years of constant pain.

The energy dance routines are delightful. People need to do more dancing in their lives. This gives one reason to do so. When I do this I feel myself let go and am reminded of long ago when I could have danced all night and still have wanted more. And the music fits so well with the dance. Plus without realizing it, my body is filled with energy.

Another reason this class has been so wonderful is the fact that it was brought to me right here in my home. I did not have to travel and could do it in my time frame. That is like having your own teacher live in the room next door.

The live calls are like being at lunch with a couple of dear friends. This couple invites us in, laughs with us, finds our questions interesting, and provides us with useful answers. How awesome is that?

The Energy Tribe Team has also been amazing. Such great answers and directions each day.

It will take me some time to learn and absorb all this information and that is okay. I will miss this class when it is over. I am hoping there will be more classes from the Donna Eden, David Feinstein Group. Looking forward to purchasing the Energy Book that Donna has written.

In closing, I thank all of you with the deepest gratitude and huge amounts of angel glitter upon you, for bringing to us the gift of these lively spirits of life. They created a path for us to expand our knowledge of the healing energy our bodies hold. They gave to us the wisdom and courage to allow our bodies to do their thing and heal themselves.

Om Shanti
To all my new friends in the Eden/Mindvalley Universe.
Om Shanti, Om Peace.

Bonnie Krause-Gams