Our customer support is always here to touch lives, change ways of living and put a smile on our customers faces <3. Here are some of the feedbacks that we are getting every day and yes, these messages put smiles on faces of every employee in Mindvalley, we are sharing them every week with the whole company 😀
Hi, your customer service is like no other, It ‘s the little things that can sometimes make such a difference in someone day, and your e-mails always bring a smile to my face, besides your company being one of my favorites for helping me to grow in to a better person. Lot’s of love to you all, and thanks for always helping with a smile
You really DID WOW my world with your quick response and the actions you took to help me get where I need to be to access my program! Vishen is right… the Customer Happiness peeps from MindValley are SuperStars in my book! Thank you, and may God Bless you and your world!
I really appreciate that the people from MindValley are the nicest people that I have ever witness in my life. They are very helpful when it comes to a refund if things ain’t going as planned, but I am hopeful that I will try out another program next time from them when I am ready. Thanks for the generosity and you guys will hear again from me next time.
Much Love,
LaTia A. Bryant

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