In Lisa Nichols’ course, The Power of Creative Visualization, she challenges her students to create their dream life.

Of course, this isn’t always comfortable — but it can be simple. With her visualization methods, Lisa is able to help people pinpoint exactly what they want in their lives — and how to get it.

We recently heard from one of our customers, Andy, who told us all about how doing visualizations

“I’m not sure if this is the proper place for this or not, but I just wanted to share: I’ve been doing the Creative Visualization course, as well as a daily mindfulness practice, and there have been a number of challenging events in my life lately. I’ve been feeling irritable since I started the creative visualization, and I realized it’s because the visualizations were challenging me to imagine a better life for myself. And that in turn has forced me to confront my fear of never becoming as successful in life as I would like, fear of not having enough (love, wealth, recognition, etc.).

“So, I did some free visualization/meditation to ease that fear, breathing through root chakra, etc., and it has made a huge difference. I feel a lot better. I felt I needed to share this in case any of your other students were encountering anything similar. The exercises will bring you face to face with your fears, so be ready to breathe into them and release them. In any case, I’m loving the course so far, as well as the many free sessions Mindvalley has done in the past. Thanks for everything!”

~ Andy Canivet

Thank you for your amazing message, Andy!

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