Lisa Nichols is a New York Times bestselling author, motivational speaker and CEO of her own personal development company. She is also the creator of The Power Of Creative Visualization course here at Mindvalley, where she teaches thousands of students how to visualize their dreams into reality. While it may sound crazy at first, visualization has been shown to have an incredible effect on achievement and happiness. It seems that the old adage is true: “What you can conceive, you can achieve.”

Here at Mindvalley, we have received tons of customer testimonials about Lisa and her life-changing program. Today we’d like to share a message we received from Emma, one of Mindvalley’s subscribers:

I decided to join the seminar to improve upon the visualization techniques I have developed so far. I have been a member of Mindvalley for about a year now, but have never seen The Secret or had any experience with Lisa. I cannot put into words what the guided visualization exercise did for me!!!

I have never experienced such joy; I couldn’t stop the happy tears from flowing in the words of all those thousands of audience members, THANK YOU!! And thank YOU Vishen (I love how your name sounds like the word Vision, how appropriate lol). As a colleague and Life Coach, I look forward to continuing this beautiful and amazing journey with you both. Peace, love and blessings. ~ Erin Jenkins

We love receiving feedback and comments like this, and most of all, we love helping you to reach your dreams. Thanks for writing in, Emma!

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