Have you ever creative visualization to create change in your life? Lisa Nichols knows all about this — because it’s exactly how she turned herself from a struggling mom on the brink of poverty, into a New York Times bestselling author and CEO of a global personal development company. And in her course, The Power Of Creative Visualization, she shows you just how you can do this, too.

We recently received an amazing testimonial from Lambert in Las Vegas, who was thrilled with Lisa’s teachings. Here’s what Lambert had to say:

I love your programs on Mindvalley, which I discovered only three months ago ! I am 74 years old and a General Surgeon for the past 50 years! I, unconsciously or so, started doing CREATIVE VISUALIZATION at the age of 12 or so. Through that technique (which, I was not aware of what I was doing so long ago). I did the following:

Learnt to play my home made bamboo flute while I was growing up in tea estates of Sri Lanka.
Progressed to playing the Clarinet and the Saxaphone. Now I am doing the same with my new passion…the panflute!
Played the flute in Radio Ceylon, Children’s Hour on a regular basis.
Became a SURGEON!
Actually met my childhood heroes, Roy Rogers, Guy Madison.
Got a job in Palm Springs in 1998!
Met Wayne Dwyer, Deepak Chopra. Met Sathya Sai Baba and got his blessings.
Bought the Mercedes Benzes that I visualized.
Bought the house that I visualized.

…and at age 74, I am not done yet.

My next project is the FIRST STEM CELL THERAPY CENTER of Las Vegas in 2 months!

I love your attitude towards life, how you achieved everything and your passion in sharing them with the world! I am sharing your message every time I get a chance!

~Lambert Abeyatunge from Las Vegas

Lambert’s testimonial shows just how powerful creative visualization can be. We have received a lot of feedback along these lines; stories of people surpassing even their wildest dreams — simply by imaging them.

And the beautiful thing is, it’s so simple, anyone can do it — including you!

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