I live in Honduras a country in the middle of Central America where I work as a freelancer in social research and also practice alternative methods for health. I was attracted to creative visualization about 20 years back by a book published by Shakti Gawain and practiced sometimes with good results and sometimes not so good. But since using Mindvalley´s Creative Visualization Method there was great improvements in my life and my work.

The most important thing is I learned to make a map of what I want to create in my life with all the possible details. Once I have the map, I add images, sounds, and feelings of being enjoying what I want every day; if possible several times a day. With practice, I have developed a certain intuition that tells me when it has been enough visualization, that I had planted the seed of my creation and then wait for it to arrive. If it is something very urgent I suggest to Universe a deadline in order to receive it, although I try to avoid to push the Universe. Something important for me is that it could be manifested according to the Divine Laws so that the result are always positive.

What I love about Creative Visualization is that it lives up its name and allows me to create my life experiences as Vishen says, it is in our hands to define our reality and realize that many times we do not have what we want because we cannot imagine them in our life.

The main impact is the I am rebuilding me: my health, my look, my appreciation for life, and my plan to live a long, healthy and meaningful life.

The second one is that it helps me to be most aware of my present, it helped me to heal my past through the visualization of encounters with deceased relatives with whom I had some painful issues and have an imaginary dialogue to heal the wounds and lovingly say goodbye to them.

I am also aware when my subconscious sabotages and negative ideas came in and found a great phrase from Florence Scovel Shinn that I adapted to use visualizing it “I return this thought to the dust-heap of their native nothingness, for they came from my own vain imaginings”.

You can appreciate the difference in my image due to the creative visualization (I am 63 and no surgery, no botox, no photoshop, just some makeup) after almost a year of practicing it daily. I think this is the best proof of its benefits on me.


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